Final Blog

Very Smart. What i’ve learned
Enjoyment. What i enjoyed
posting pictures i take while exploring the word
Cheers to this class

First off id like to begin with this was one of my favorite classes. Throughout this course i have leaned a lot i have learned to make Gifs, Photoshop images, cut certain objects or people out of images and even learn how to sharpen up an image and also resize it. i have learned many things learned how to expand he photo without stretching it. The most enjoying Project during this class was  making our own Gifs its a way to express ourselves through an action of someone else it shows a better understanding of what you mean. Even after this class comes t an end i will still continuously add many more blog post it will mostly be pictures taken and edited by me going exploring to other countries one the span of the year.

Favorite thing to do

One of my favorite hobbies  is weightlifting it helps me to think better while making decisions, It also helps relieve all the stress. Its only me my music and the weights at the end of the day

Creating my First Gif

Creating my first GIF was exciting it was tough but with some help i was able to tackle own this task as well. The reason I chose the character was b/c he is one of my favorite characters from Malcom in the middle and Breaking Bad. We started by choosing a large pic and transferring it to another tab then we used certain tools to play around with each image and overlapping it as we overlapped it we played around with the blurring of the pic and made the four pis into a small clip change the setting to forever and posted it



One of my favorite places I’ve visited was Vancouver the scenery is amazing the people are very kind and its vey clean. This image i took was taken in Stanley Park, Capilano Provincial.

GIF Project

This is a Gif, It is the combination of two of my favorite musicians Eminem and Notorious B.I.G there music consist of hiphop rap. the other 2 photos consist of characters from my two favorite shows sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and Walter White from The Breaking Bad.


The steps i struggled with and went through was stacking the pics together i first learned that each photo has to be in jpeg format then was able o make the gif in photoshop. When i tried to upload the file i struggled because i wasn’t aware that you have to save the entire file from psd to Gif format.